Entrepreneurs: Start with team. That’s the main ingredient for success. Period. And without passion as a uniting force, your chances solving that one problem are even lower. Our ingredients in building a great team are: Passion, Fun and Autonomy. As a result it defines how every person who is interacting with your company, whether a client, employee or supplier, perceive your companies goals.

We are Unicornify. Venture Builders. We help companies scale with tech whilst adding tech culture. As a result our ventures (re-)take control over their digital product, become independent and investor ready.


A team of skilled developers and experienced CTO’s ready to jumpstart your product or platform. With Unicornify Labs you can instantly expand or attach a tech team to your company, fully dedicated to your product or platform. Our team’s core expertise lays in shipping scalable tech fast and is used to work extremely hands-on in demanding environments. Together with our Ventures department we assist in building your own tech team.

Unicornify Labs works for Startups, VC’s who like to add tech to their investments and Private Equity firms where more than often tech is part of a change of direction accompanied with large investments.


Money is stupid. It doesn’t think. It doesn’t network. It doesn’t solve problems. It doesn’t interface. Yes, it can buy you stuff but how do you know to buy the right stuff. We try to make money smart by attaching network and experience. If we are successful our money comes with more than the amount. It comes from experienced entrepeneurs who share our approach in what money can do for a company.

We are looking for:
# saas, marketplace, mobile companies
# founders
# you got your sales covered
# you need tech (obviously...)


A great place to work. In the Gardens of Amsterdam. A few minutes walk from the train station. We have workplaces for startups and freelancers. Fantastic DIY coffee. Everything in one building: legal, finance, capital and tech. We organize events with fellow entrepreneurs, hackathon’s, game nights and even road trips to other countries. Call us for pricing!

The .Works offer
# coworking and networking
# entrepeneurs and freelancers
# Events, parties and gamenights
# coffee, drinks and our own fully equiped Gym

The crazy ones...😜


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Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 18, Bussum
Phone: 035-5555555
Contact: info@unicornify.com