Money is a highly sought after resource. But almost never what you need in an early stage of a company. You need people who make money for your company. When we are investing money, it is always combined with our network or team helping you get to the next stage of growth.

  • Team
  • Turnover
  • Traction


We are a group of experienced entrepeneurs we have failed and succeeded. As a result we have an incredible network which help you kickstart your company.

  • Tech CFO's
  • Tech CTO's
  • Angel investors
  • VC's


Shit needs to get done. Features need to be shipped. Roadmap's need to be crunched. Our .Labs division consists of a group of software developers who's sole passion is to kill every deadline. This team has more then once pulled it of to put a 12 month roadmap in a 2 month time window. Shipping fast is where the real value is hiding.

  • Backend team
  • Frontend team
  • In house SW architect, PO & CTO